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The secretariat

Allocation of a  fixed line:  39€ per month with call management.

Your service
administrative :

Are your secretarial needs only occasional?

Our assistants  respond to your calls, the reception is personalized according to your requests. Our formula is 39€ per month.

Are you having archiving or storage problems?

We can also manage: scanning, archiving, document classification, file tracking, customer reminders from a dedicated line and maintain a personalized method.

The main feature of our service:


Téléphonie Professionnel :

Gold direct debit



Ideal for existing companies.

Business domiciliation

En option Messages d'Accueil, d'Attente et de Fermeture

Mail forwarding

Premium domiciliation



Ideal for businesses on the go.

Business domiciliation

Access to mailboxes 5 days a week

Receipt of letters, parcels, registered...

Digitization  letters and e-mails.

Véritable Assistant(e)

Evelyn Martin

Interior designer and passionate about her work, Evelyne is always on the ground with her clients, so she opted for a secretarial service  who takes care of receiving calls, processing certain files and responding to the needs of its customers in an emergency.

Lucie Carrier

Liberal nurse, between travel and consultation it is difficult for her to manage the administrative part of her work, for this we offered her our secretarial services in order to lighten her daily workload.

Lucas Armand

Independent commercial, Lucas is constantly in contact with his customers to offer them the best solutions that work for the smooth running of their businesses, the best solutions take time, we help him manage his calls and take messages for him when he is moving.

Nous contacter

Téléphone : 04 91 00 00 10

Adresse : 61, Rue du ROUET

13008, Marseille, France

Nous contacter
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