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Legal and Social Services


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VAT declaration, to be completed online on the website  before the 20th of each month. After this date, you expose yourself to penalties from the tax authorities. 


All private sector employers who pay employees must complete a DSN. It is an online declaration produced every month from the payslip. You must enter the information concerning each of your employees.


Two IR / IS regimes. For the IR, the social security contributions are calculated on the profit made under your professional activity; For corporate income tax, social security contributions are calculated on remuneration and part of the dividends.
Fiche de paie


As a future employer, you will have to give a payslip to your first employee every month to certify the work carried out and the payment of the salary. It is sometimes complex to navigate among all the obligations surrounding the recruitment of a first employee. 
Déclaration à l'embauche


It is a systematic and nominative declaration procedure for each employee you intend to hire. It must be done within 8 days before any employee is hired. You thus benefit from a means of proof of the actual date of hiring from the control services.


To properly draft a valid employment contract, it is necessary to show the start date of the collaboration, and the duration of the trial period. Finally, information relating to the position is necessary, exact title of the position, place of execution of the mission, duration of the working time and remuneration.
Contrat de travail


All employers are required to take out and offer all of their employees collective health insurance. Indeed, the health insurance does not reimburse all of the health costs of the insured.  (excess fees, dental and optical expenses, etc.).

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